Tent Making

When we left pastoral ministry, we did so not having any idea of how we would support ourselves.  I reconnected with Dr. Bill Morrison, a professor at UNB and he provided what I would call a charity job.  You’d have to know this man’s heart to fully understand but he was prompted by God to hire me without knowing my skill set.  I am not sure that I knew it myself.  I began with some writing and research without a feeling that I was adding value to his company.  Since 2010 I have become:

  • a website builder
  • an eBook designer and publisher
  • a videographer
  • an architect of eLearning platforms
  • a graphic designer
  • a communications specialist

I am growing and developing in these skills.  For the first couple of years, I felt that I was in way over my head.  My predecessor gave me a two hour course and then suggested that I get a subscription to Lynda.com.  This has been an invaluable resource.

I do contract work for WMA Communications, UNB, Essential Studios, Platinum Holiday Publications and others.

My own company is called iKE Mediology.

Mediology is the study of media.  It is currently not an academic field simply because the industry is changing too quickly to build an academic track around it.  To remove oneself from the industry in order to study would provide certified obsolescence.  So I work diligently to learn and to keep up.

If you have any need of these services, please contact me.  I would be most pleased to be of service.

I continue as well to provide service in relation to church ministry.  This would include preaching, teaching, consultation and personal relationship building with pastors who need a safe person as a confidant.

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