We are either followers of Christ 24/7 or 1.5/1 … for the mathematically disinterested, these fractions mean that we live in relationship to God twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week or we do it for an hour and a half, one day a week.  The church finds itself with the latter state of affairs in large part.  Leadership gurus, frequently and authoritatively tell us that 20% of those who attend church are consumed with consumers.  That is that they spend their gifts and abilities on eighty percent of church attenders who simply show up once a week to watch.

I for one am not in favour of propagating this.  If however, we find ourselves needing to pay for organizational obligations, it is critical that these folks attend en masse and put something in the offering plate each week.  Tithing would be the ideal goal, even though it is an OT notion but one that we find it necessary to cite while forgetting about the countless others that we selectively ignore.  We are stuck and the choice to change is grim.  It won’t play well to our current scorecard.  It won’t flesh itself out in numerical or financial growth in our churches if we decide that we are in the disciple making business rather than the “Christian” entertainment business.

Individually or collectively, preferably both, we need to decide what it means to live for Christ every minute of every day.

It’s not about doing it perfectly.  It’s not about being right.  It is about relating to God and others in a way that would nurture His life within each of us.

You can read this as the ramblings of a former embittered pastor or you can choose to make a difference by rejecting the status quo.  It will be much easier if you categorize me and many others as simply disgruntled.  But if you think and pray about it you may discover that our “religion is much more cultural than biblical and you may seriously search for the essence of faith, refusing to settle for “hand-me-downs”.

If you embark on this search, it will change you first and I guarantee that it will be painful.

I also guarantee that you will find something that will forever change you and spoil you for an old way of relating to God.

I come from the Wesleyan tradition of revolutionaries.  My intent is to carry on in this tradition.

Here’s a video that will caution you and one that is ever so poignant …

Adventures Inc.

I knew an incredible cast of characters in my “growing up” years. (Not sure I am out of them yet.)  Most anyone from the Grand Manan of my day would know each and every one of them.  The best way that I can describe my childhood to initiated island folk is to say that...

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It's been five years now ... beautiful years since we stepped away from church as we had known it for our entire lives.  I joked with people saying, "You'll never guess what they have every week between Friday and Monday.  There are two days, Saturday and Sunday....

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Today He Works …

Today He Works …

It is the work that never ends … Every single day of life He is on site, on task, faithfully doing His thing Sometimes the gains are obvious Most days I struggle to see what has been accomplished There are days … When the noise is unwelcome The mess is overwhelming...

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Cop a Prayer

I used to feel when I told someone I would pray for them, that it was a lesser way to help.  And I know that others, hearing that promise, would dismiss it for the same reasons. I reject both sides of that coin today. If I believe in an Almighty God who hears all...

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I tease my wife whenever she puts the extension, "ish" on the end of a word.  Most often this refers to colors.  Men speak in a very basic way, of color.  If it is blue, it is blue, not "bluish" or ocean blue or any close or distant cousin.  We are also skeptical of...

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