I was born and raised on Grand Manan Island a small piece of real estate 20 miles off the New Brunswick coastline in the mouth of the beautiful Bay of Fundy.  My dear parents did their best like we all do.  We were loved and cared for by bothIMG_6701 of them in the very best of ways.

When I was 17 they separated and divorced several years later.  My mother remarried and had 27 years with a lobster fisherman who was a wonderful step-Dad.  My Dad lived alone for the rest of his life.  He was one of the greatest paradoxes that I have known.  I love and miss him.

We were poor but didn’t really know it.

My brother Bim, (another long, epic) is one of the most unique individuals that I have ever known.  He is a God-chaser.

I grew up like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.  It was amazing.

I found Jesus before I found the church.  I really wasn’t looking for church to begin with … just peace of heart and mind and forgiveness.

When I went to Bible College I traded an old wooden cross that I used to hang around my neck, for a tie.  It was a poor trade.  Today I wear the same cross once more for more significant reasons.  I can breathe again.

We are finding ourselves coming full-circle at this point in our lives.  On August 1st, 2014, we took possession of a beautiful old home in the village of Seal Cove.  Within the next couple or three years, we’ll be year-round residents if this is God’s will.  I want to give something back to the community that was a part of my upbringing.

We pray that our home can be a place of ministry to others as they wrestle with the challenges of their own lives.  We will offer our home and ourselves to those who are seeking direction, focus or next steps.  Both Elaine and I are grateful for our marriage.  At this point we also believe that we can provide pre or post marital support for couples or individuals.  Once again, there is information on our Contact page that will provide options for you to reach us if we can help in any way.

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