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Thanks for visiting our site.  The easiest way to describe myself is to say that I am a retired pastor.  After 34 years in various capacities of church ministry, my wife and I felt God leading us to a different approach to ministry.  Any change in direction is often a combination of dissatisfaction, re-visioning  and a leap of faith.  This certainly would describe our own experience.

I have a heart for pastors like myself who find systemic constriction and long for a larger, experience of God and ministry in general.  There are things that we tend to grow out of as we walk with God.  Aspects of pastoral ministry which were a part of the package when we began, became a hindrance at some point for my wife and I.  This is not to say that any of that is bad or that we are more enlightened or capable than any other follower of Christ.  There simply came a point where we both decided that we did not want to die, having never considered that God sometimes calls Kingdom workers to a broader mission than the local church.

My beautiful wifeMy life partner is Elaine, formerly “Burbury”, now “Ingersoll”.  We have been blessed to walk our journey with one heart.  It seems that at every juncture, we discover ourselves turning in the same direction.  I am confident that this is a God-thing.  In the more difficult times, this “togetherness” has been absolutely essential.  The process of life discovery has revealed to me that Elaine is often more in tune with God than I fancy myself to be.  She is without a doubt, my better 13/16ths

Currently I volunteer with www.organicnazarene.net as a church planter and I support myself through tent making endeavours.  As you become familiar with the site you will discover more about all these and more about our journey, if you wish.  We would love to be able to come alongside you in any way that we might in order to be of encouragement or assistance.

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