Half Truth

I tease my wife whenever she puts the extension, “ish” on the end of a word.  Most often this refers to colors.  Men speak in a very basic way, of color.  If it is blue, it is blue, not “bluish” or ocean blue or any close or distant cousin.  We are also skeptical of any color that requires more than one word to describe.

Actually, I am so grateful to God for my wife for she brings such depth and richness to my life.  Our home has an ambience which is beyond my ability to create.  Everything in our home has more than a color descriptor.  It bears her heart and soul.

This sermon was preached in January of 2010, just a month before I resigned.  I was sensing such a mighty stirring in my life that I could not be complacent in any area of my life.  I felt that I was unnecessarily clawing and digging to find a spiritual breath of life that would fill the sails of our church as God was filling my own sails.  It seemed that what we all ought to have longed for was a threat to those who were happy with the status quo.  These were absolutely wonderful folks but we were on different pages … no different chapters.

This was one of those messages in which I found myself preaching my way out of the pastoral vocation.

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