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We are at 18 of 20 available spots for our Fall Retreat.  Brad Jersak just confirmed that he will be staying overnight on the 23rd and speaking at Community Life Church on September 24th.

If you know of anyone, sitting on the fence re: registering for the event, send them a note and let them know that we are close to capacity.  Our decision to cap registrations was to provide for a more personal experience where adequate interaction time is provided with our speaker and others who attend.

I am incredibly excited about this time.  We will compile a waiting list for those who miss a registration opportunity.  Have you purchased “A More Christlike God” yet.  Whatever reading that you can do ahead of time will be very beneficial.

“But God sometimes permits men to retain certain defects and imperfections, blind-spots and eccentricities, even after they have reached a high degree of sanctity, and because of these things their sanctity remains hidden from them and from other men.  If the holiness of all the saints had been plainly  evident to everybody, they would never have been polished and perfected by trial, criticism, humiliation and opposition from the people they lived with…be satisfied to let God lead you to sanctity by paths you cannot understand.”

— Thomas Merton

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