It’s Day Two since our Fall Retreat plans have been announced.  We have three confirmed reservations.  If you have interest in being a part of this gathering, please look at the Registration Form for more info and don’t delay.

Our hope is to put information and material before you in the intervening days that will paint a picture of the time that we will spend together and the kinds of perspectives that you will encounter.

Also, please note the opportunity to subscribe to this blog so that current information will go directly to your inbox.

“The early but learned pattern of dualistic thinking can get us only so far; so all religions at the more mature levels have discovered another ‘software’ for processing the really big questions, like death, love, infinity, suffering, and God.  Many of us call this access ‘contemplation’.  It is a nondualistic way of seeing the moment.  Originally, the word was simply prayer.”

— Richard Rohr,  OFM


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