One person’s hardship Is blessing to another

I wasn’t looking to do this again

You were trying to make sense

Of a broken set of circumstances

In so many ways, we all were lost

We found each other
A common journey now

Step by step, moment by moment

Not distracted by a destination

There is such joy in each new discovery

We find that in our lostness we were never alone.
Not a single one of us …
When we don’t know where we are going …

You do.

That’s really all that matters if You call us to follow

“If any man will come AFTER me … ”

That’s followership, not leadership
Everything in God’s upside down Kingdom rises and falls on followership.
When we follow we also lead. You can’t follow without leading but you can lead without following.
It is His following that is the issue, not your following.
You see, when we lead we find ourselves where we lost ourselves, floundering around in our brokenness.
So I think I’ll follow Him …
Not The Donald …
Not the Piper …
Not the Hybels and I really like the Hybels …
Not the Warren …
Not the proven Graham …
You have my ear, my heart.

You call my cadence. I hear the faint sound of a distant drum thundering in my soul.
I know your Voice …
And I have my island family to walk among and with.
Thank You!
And thank you CLC!


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