Every time I say these words to God, they sound … strange to me.  I get this picture of an old man patting a young boy on the head. The strange part is that I am the old man and God is the little boy. 

It is as if I am trying to reinforce and encourage God’s good behavior.  I am the one who defines what that is. That is just plain weird. 

Lately You have been behaving very well God. Let’s keep that up.  

My perspective is subconsciously condescending.  In Truth, if He is good at all, He is always good, whether I approve of His behavior or not. 

When I speak of the goodness of God, there is no dissonance.  Our experience of God in life is an experience of His Goodness. In the most difficult of circumstances people experience the goodness of God.  Conversely there are those who have the world by the tail and find only emptiness and fatal despair. 

The disciples of Christ found him present in the storms they faced. They found him in prison cells. They found him among the lepers, the outcasts, the cast-offs. It seems He is most real in those times when circumstances could cause us to question His good behavior. 

Looking back I see it in my own life. When it seemed things were falling apart, they were being remade into a reality that I could never have envisioned. 

Today there are good and difficult circumstances in my life. In all I see His Goodness.  There is nothing else to see. 

Forgive me Lord when I forget my place. Thank you for Your Grace & Mercy. 

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