pastor burnoutGod has been into multi-site church gatherings from the very beginning. It is nothing new. He has been the only omnipresent entity from the very beginning. It likely never occurred to him that one man was so good that he needed to be present in more than one meeting at a time.

And why would God think otherwise?

He can raise anthems of praise from a pile of rocks. All creation declares the Glory of God.

If need be he can write messages on the walls (Divine graffiti). He can inscribe commandments on stone tablets. He can communicate through speechless jackasses when we don’t have the inclination to hear what he has already tried to say in a thousand other ways. He chooses the weak to shame the strong and the foolish to confound the wise. So it’s really no big deal in terms of personal importance to stand in front of a group of people and declare a message. It can be the greatest message in the world and utterly lifeless if it is our message. It can be the feeblest of attempts on our part and dynamite if it is actually God speaking.

But we think it is our innovation … our creativity, our indispensability and our good intentions that legitimizes the virtual vicar.

“Be Thou my Vision O Lord of my heart …
Thou my best thought by day or by night … “

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with multi-site gatherings … as far as I know. But there is something sad if we worry more about the digital dissemination of one pastor than the manifest Presence of our One and only Omnipresent God.

He is building his Church which cannot possibly gather in one location on planet earth. You’ll be relieved to know that it is on His shoulders not yours or mine.

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