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We are at 18 of 20 available spots for our Fall Retreat.  Brad Jersak just confirmed that he will be staying overnight on the 23rd and speaking at Community Life Church on September 24th.

If you know of anyone, sitting on the fence re: registering for the event, send them a note and let them know that we are close to capacity.  Our decision to cap registrations was to provide for a more personal experience where adequate interaction time is provided with our speaker and others who attend.

I am incredibly excited about this time.  We will compile a waiting list for those who miss a registration opportunity.  Have you purchased “A More Christlike God” yet.  Whatever reading that you can do ahead of time will be very beneficial.

“But God sometimes permits men to retain certain defects and imperfections, blind-spots and eccentricities, even after they have reached a high degree of sanctity, and because of these things their sanctity remains hidden from them and from other men.  If the holiness of all the saints had been plainly  evident to everybody, they would never have been polished and perfected by trial, criticism, humiliation and opposition from the people they lived with…be satisfied to let God lead you to sanctity by paths you cannot understand.”

— Thomas Merton

Retreat Update 05/02/2017

It is a foggy … I mean … F … O … G … G … Y, Grand Manan morning.  And I love it.  This kind of weather does something to me.  In its own way, it draws me to God.  I spend time thinking, praying, listening for His Voice.  Maybe it is because my eyes are less distracted.  I know there are things out there that I cannot see and my inability to see does not diminish their existence.

This has always been where God seems to have met me in the most transformative experiences of my journey … in my incapacity.  This is where He has revealed Himself to me.  In my weakness He is strong.

Lest I get to preaching, I have an update …

We now have 15 paid registrations of the 20 available.  There is a good mixture of island and mainland folks.  I will begin a “Waiting List” if it becomes necessary.  But if you do want to make certain that your place is reserved, please get me the funds.  eTransfer to or snail mail check to “Community Life Church” is fine.

Google “Accommodations Grand Mana” for relevant info.  There are several ladies who come to our church ( who run Bed ‘n Breakfasts and even a motel.

  1. Surfside Motel – Carly Fleet
  2. Ferryview BNB – Shelia Tate Hornjak
  3. Blossoms and Blooms BNB – Lorraine McNeil
  4. McLaughlin’s Wharf Inn – Brenda McLaughlin
  5. Pa’s Place – Tammy Brown

It should be easy to find accommodations at that point in the tourist season.  Anyway … thanks to all who have made reservations.  We still have 5 available seats.  If you know of friends who are considering attending, let them know that they need to register ASAP.

Blessings …

“Our idea of God tells us more about ourselves than about Him.” – Thomas Merton

Brad Jersak Retreat

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  • Please note that we are limiting the registration to the first 20 paid participants. When we have received your payment we will confirm your spot. You can email transfer to or send a check payable to "Community Life Church". Checks should be mailed to: Karl Ingersoll, 1842 Rt 776, Grand Manan, NB E5G-3H2


Retreat Update 04/28/17

We are currently at six paid/confirmed registrations for our rally.  Our capacity is twenty.  If you have interest in combining a visit to Grand Manan with an exceptional opportunity to enrich your spiritual walk, please register ASAP.

Our financial goal is merely to meet expenses.  We have limited our registration in order to facilitate the kind of gathering that we envision to be most helpful.  The teaching times with Brad, conversations with a group of people, small enough to get to know and the beauty of creation around us offer us what stands to be a rare opportunity.

I am attaching a YouTube video that you might want to watch in order to get a sense of who Brad is and what flows from his heart.

Please feel free to share this with your friends.  You can eTransfer to or send a check made out to “Community Life Church“, to secure your registration.  When we have received payment we will confirm your registration.  The address for snail mail is Karl Ingersoll, 1842 Rt 776, Grand Manan, NB E5G-3H2.

“Letting go is not in anybody’s program for happiness, and yet all mature spirituality, in one sense or another, is about letting go and unlearning.”

— Richard Rohr   OFM


CLC solitude

Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Lk. 5:15,16

I remember reading these verses at a time when I needed them most.  It has been long enough now that I can’t describe the circumstances other than the fact that they were pastoral.

I’ll see if I can communicate some of the personal significance that these verses carry …

Picture people in great need.  In the biblical context, I see the friends of a paralyzed man, carrying him on a stretcher for who knows what kind of distance, determined to get him to Jesus.  You remember the story.  They were so resolute about their mission that they cut a hole in someone’s roof and lowered him on ropes, dangling him in front of Jesus.  He was healed. How could Jesus do anything else.  I am glad that it wasn’t my roof.  This was one of the memorable success stories in the gospels when it came to determination, the power of faith and friendship.

As I read these verses however, I am reminded that there were people who came looking for Jesus and he was nowhere to be found.  It wouldn’t have mattered how many friends they had or how dire the situation was.  There were times when Jesus was unavailable. We don’t read the stories of those who missed Jesus, those who continued to flounder in their misfortune and hardship.  But be assured, they were there and Jesus wasn’t.

You see, Jesus often withdrew … not occasionally … often

Others came to hear him and the service was cancelled.  I try to imagine the typical North American preacher tearing her/himself from an opportunity to preach the gospel to multitudes.  Ego cannot possible turn away from these kinds of things.  People who are mission driven cannot possibly say “no” to invitations to do their thing.

But Jesus did.  Often.

Jesus often withdrew … not occasionally … often.

How could he do it …. or not do it?

He said, “I have come to seek and save those who are lost.”  So when the lost were seeking Him, it would only stand to reason that He ought to be in the neighbourhood.  And if “seeking and saving” was about public gatherings, sermons or a healing ministry, then Jesus missed the boat or so it would seem. But maybe Jesus didn’t see those things to be as critical or important as we do.

What I do get is that Jesus understood His mission.  I am certain that he accomplished it.  And no matter how demanding it became, Jesus often withdrew … in order to fulfill his mission there were times when he could not “be there” for people.

Have you learned that simple precept as well?  As good as your intentions may be, you cannot always “be there” for all your family, friends or the crowd in general.  They need to learn that you cannot be omnipresent.  You need to learn that as well.

I woke up at about 4:30am the other day.  Before I could turn my mind off, I began to fret over my kids, my Mom, Elaine’s parents.  I got up and headed for the beach.  The fog was heavy and wet.  In the thick darkness, I walked next to the ocean, listening to the surf and feeling the slight wind. I watched a boat or two as best I could as it left harbor to do what the fishermen aboard are meant to do.

It was a beautifully lonely place, a beautifully lonely experience.  That’s where I go to find him … lonely places.  That’s where He went when He needed to get away from His mission and the needs of people.  When I look for him and cannot find Him in the busyness of life, I find Him where He often went … lonely places.

There … He prayed.

And like Jesus, there are times when we need to be unavailable as well.  For the good of your soul, you need to realize that you can’t always be there.

Often you need to be in the lonely places, with Jesus, … praying.

Someone said, “You can do more than pray, after you have prayed but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.”

Get Away


Approaching Grand Manan Island from the air.

Have you considered getting away for a weekend to focus on God’s direction in your life?  Often the important considerations get pushed to one side in favour of the urgent.  One of the things that I have noticed in the lives of those who experience turmoil is that they stop believing that they need to invest in themselves.  Physical activity is diminished.  Often the things that people are most passionate about, are ignored.  For a period of time as Elaine and I were transitioning out of local church ministry, I couldn’t pick my guitar up and play it.  I know of others finding their way through divorce, who never treated themselves to a meal at a restaurant or a new item of clothing.  It is as though we lose interest in ourselves in those times when change is in the air.

You are worth the investment … both time and money dedicated to answering the important questions.

We would love to host you for a weekend in which there is enough free time for you to enjoy Grand Manan Island and enough structured time for us to explore your options and to extract what God may be saying to you.  We’ll provide a place for you in our home on Grand Manan, some real good food and fellowship and some intentional interaction over the scripture, that may bring clarity to you when you need it the most.

As tentmakers, we charge for the service in order to produce a win/win scenario. For couples, we ask for $500 for three nights accommodations, meals and spiritual coaching.

Elaine and I will be on Grand Manan for the summer of 2015 and weekends are now booking,  We can facilitate this as early as April and as late as October.  If you are interested, let us know by filling out the info on the “Contact Us” page and give us an idea of the nature of your interest for our times together.  We’ll begin to prayerfully build a template for our time together.


ThanksgivingElaine and I will be on Grand Manan for Thanksgiving weekend.  Elaine’s brother Warren will be with us for Sunday dinner along with my mother … we are looking forward to this time together.

Remember that we hope to entertain people often at our Seal Cove residence.  Much of this will be of a ministry nature, we imagine.

Our desire is to minister to people who need:

  • Coaching
  • Counselling
  • Consultation

We are putting together weekend packages and can host two couples at a time or various combinations (couple, single …).  If you read this and find your interest piqued, fill out the contact form on the “Contact Us” page and we’ll talk.

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