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Thanks Pastor Raymond Fancy for the chance to care for your website this year.  This rebuild today was a pleasure.  I hope you and the Amherst Wesleyan family enjoy and utilize this to the max.  Check it out at:  If you try this with a smartphone there is a redirect to a mobile site, which I also built.  You’ll find a link to view the full site there on the mobile version.

Thanks again …


Website Redo

(null)I just rebuilt a website for Pastor Gary Cowper today. He pastors Moncton First Church of the Nazarene.
Check it out at

Websites Etc.

JoelI spent a few hours over the weekend, rebuilding a website for a friend.  Pastor Joel Wydysh from Island Wesleyan on PEI, has been a long time buddy.

Island Wesleyan is an incredibly unique church.  They clearly see ministry beyond the walls and God has assembled a group of people there, as only He can.  I remember as I adjusted to a different ministry season in my own life, seeing the ideas of Kingdom as much broader than the local church building.  This has revolutionized the way that I approach and connect with others, churched or unchurched.

This picture is one of my brother’s creations.  Joel looks slightly older than this.  If you need a graphic artist, there are non better than my brother … shameless advertising.

If you have a minute, take a look at the site.  Click here.  If you know of anyone who wants a site done at very competitive rates, let me know.  Joel’s site is still in process and we’ll fill it out in the days ahead.

Websites, Etc. 2015

online marketing photo

You may be considering a website for the first time, for your business or perhaps personal blogging.  I can help, at a price that is likely much lower than you imagine.  You can be as involved or as uninvolved as you wish in terms of updating and content generation.

The first place most people look today for information, is the internet.  Your absence as a business speaks volumes.  Your presence in a clear, clean manner places you in the digital marketplace, accessible 24/7.

Take a minute or two to fill out the “Contact” form on the appropriate menu page.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Let’s build a place for you in the global marketplace.

All the best in the year to come,


Heads Up

IMG_6547Last month, the domain extension, “.church” was released.  You may want to grab this more descriptive extension soon.  If you need help, email me through the “Contact Us” page.  Generally speaking the .church extensions should allow people to find your church with greater ease.  If you have yet to develop a website for your church, I can also help with this.

Update on My Work

compass plusCurrently I have several irons in the fire in terms of every day work life.  I am employed half time with Dr. Bill Morrison through HERG, (Health Education Research Group) at UNB.  My primary involvement at the moment is videography.  I am working half time as well with the Marcel LeBrun foundation.  In addition, I am doing some website maintenance with a local company and designing and developing websites, eBooks and online magazines through my own company, iKE Mediology.

I am grateful to Bill for allowing me to develop some marketable skills following my exodus from vocational ministry.  This has been an incredible gift.  The other folks that I reference are also marketplace followers of Christ who live their relationship tangibly 24/7.

I was privileged last evening to participate in a memorial service at RCMP “J” Division HQ, for Cpl. Ron Francis.  I have been the Chaplain Coordinator for “J” Division since 2004.  This is truly a culture of honor.  Kudos to Assistant Commander Roger Brown and team for their stellar leadership.

As well, I continue to work in various ways with in church planting.  Things never move as quickly as we would like to see.  In these times, the temptation is to try to force a happening.  I have committed to follow His leadership.  At opportune times, doors of opportunity open and we move forward.  My belief is that He is the church builder.  My life, my gifts and skills only hold value in His hands.

I preach and minister wherever and whenever possible.  If there is anyway that I can be of assistance, contact me through the “Contact Us” page.


Karl & Elaine

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